H₂O Midstream was founded on the vision that produced water should be treated as a valuable resource, rather than a waste. We have become industry leaders at integrating best practices from the traditional midstream sector into produced water management and are seen by our customers, peers, and stakeholders as best in class across all facets of Environmental, Social, and Governance.

By measuring and sharing our ESG Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), we seek to advance environmentally sound operating practices, maintain an inclusive and supportive work environment, and encourage the long-term beneficial use of produced water.

  • Minimize Fresh Water Use
  • Reduce Emissions
  • Eliminate Spills
  • Disposal as a Last Resort
  • Focus on Health and Safety
  • Maintain an Inclusive Workforce
  • Advance Community and Industry Leadership
  • Promote Integrity and the Highest Standard of Ethical Behavior
  • Engage Stakeholders Proactively
  • Align Compensation with Stakeholder Objectives

ESG Objectives and Scorecard

Our ESG scorecard is designed to align each metric with overall company objectives and individual compensation. We track KPIs on a quarterly basis and conduct an annual review of all goals and metrics with our key stakeholders to ensure we are aligned toward our long-term objectives. Samples shown below.

Minimize Freshwater Use / Disposal as a Last Resort

e.g., Recycled BBLs of Water %

Reduce Emissions

e.g., Avoided CO2 Emissions from Trucking

Eliminate Spills

e.g., Reportable Spill Rate (per 100K BBLs of Water)

Focus on Health and Safety

e.g., Total Recorded Incident Rate (TRIR)

Maintain an Inclusive Workforce

e.g., % Women or Minority

Community and Industry Leadership

e.g., Industry thought leadership for sustainability and beneficial use

Promote Business Ethics

e.g., Railroad Commission of Texas Compliance %

Stakeholder Engagement

e.g., Support of Local Community

ESG-Aligned Compensation

e.g., KPIs included in company scorecard

For more information on the H₂O Midstream ESG Scorecard, contact Gauri Potdar, Chief Sustainability Officer, at