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Building and using water infrastructure to lower production costs over the entire value chain.

Founded in 2016, H₂O Midstream provides water gathering, transportation, recycling, storage, treatment and disposal solutions for produced water. As the operator of the largest independent, fully integrated produced water network in the Midland Basin, our full-cycle water management solutions help oil and gas producers reduce cost, ensure reliability, and improve the long-term sustainability of their operations.

H₂O Midstream is a portfolio company of EIV Capital, and remains focused on operating with the highest level of integrity, safety, reliability, and environmental compliance.

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Sustainable Water ManagementServices

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  • 250 miles of pipeline that is permanent, buried and contiguous
  • All facilities 100% interconnected via pipeline
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  • Owned: 3.2 million barrels*
  • Third-party: 0.75 million barrels
  • All storage is connected to pipelines and co-located next to treatment facilities and disposal wells
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  • 200,000 bpd of deliverability**
  • Target is to deliver > 40% of its total gathered volume back to customers for oilfield fracking operations over the next 24 months
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  • 14 owned SWDs totaling 295,000 bpd of permitted capacity
  • 13 third-party interconnects provide access to 500,000 bpd of takeaway capacity
  • 19 disposal permits with access to over 600,000 bpd of capacity***

Note: *includes planned / under construction | **planned and under construction | ***includes approved and those in progress | bpd (barrels per day), SWD (salt water disposal well)


  • Minimize Fresh Water Use
  • Reduce Emissions
  • Eliminate Spills
  • Disposal as a Last Resort
  • Focus on Health and Safety
  • Maintain an Inclusive Workforce
  • Advance Community and Industry Leadership
  • Promote Integrity and the Highest Standard of Ethical Behavior
  • Engage Stakeholders Proactively
  • Align Compensation with Stakeholder Objectives


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