Midland Basin Asset Map
H2O Midstream owns and operates integrated water infrastructure, including gathering pipelines, storage, treatment, disposal and reuse facilities in the Midland Basin.

Midland Basin Assets

  • Expansive gathering and transportation network consisting of over 200 miles of produced water pipeline
  • Over 700,000 bpd of active permitted disposal capacity from 27 SWDs (15 owned and 12 third-party)
  • Six Ellenburger SWD well permits for 250,000 bpd of deep disposal capacity
  • Over 2 million barrels of produced water storage via 2 produced water storage hubs and a commercial recycling facility that is available to multiple customers for enhanced reliability, peak flowback management, recycling and reuse
  • Water midstream services include: produced water gathering and disposal, transportation, recycling and redelivery, water banking, trucking and spot purchases
  • These services are offered through a number of different contracts and agreements including: MVC or acreage dedications that provide firm service including a truck-free guarantee, wellbore or pad dedications, interruptible agreements via a volume nomination process, spot purchases, and short-term tolling agreements

H2O Midstream continues to expand the existing system through additional infrastructure to serve the needs of multiple producers in the area.

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