The pursuit of Health, Safety, Environmental and Regulatory (HSER) excellence is a core value at H2O Midstream. Safe, reliable and environmentally sound operations are our top priority at H2O Midstream. Based on decades of industry experience, H2O Midstream has developed best practices for water, which parallel those utilized by best-in-class midstream operators for hydrocarbons. During the first two years and counting of operation, H2O Midstream achieved 99.98% runtime and zero recordable incidents. We’re committed to protecting our employees and contractors, the neighborhoods where we operate, and the environment we all share.

The following core principles guide our operations:

  • Continuously foster our HSER culture by committing to human health, safety, and good environmental stewardship at work sites and in communities where we conduct our business.
  • Engage and communicate openly with our employees, contractors, neighbors, business community, officials, public interest groups, and other stakeholders regarding significant HSER matters.
  • Meet or exceed applicable health, safety, environmental and regulatory laws and standards.
  • Train our employees to anticipate, recognize and mitigate health, safety and environmental risks in all phases of their work.
  • Empower employees and contractors with the right and responsibility to stop work they believe may be unsafe or environmentally unsound.
  • Explore opportunities to minimize the impact of our business on the environment and communities where we operate by reducing our land footprint, reducing wastes, emissions and discharges, and by using water and energy efficiently.
  • Establish health, safety and environmental accountability metrics for our operations and monitor ongoing performance results.
  • Articulate clear health, safety and environment expectations to our employees and contractors and provide incentives to meet and exceed those expectations.